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  • NO pop-ups, redirects, spiders, bots, cron jobs or any other tool to inflate your In count.
    (You will be banned from this site as well as all 321Chat sites. - Definitive proof is not needed in order to ban your site. Simply link to http://www.achatroomdirectory.com/ though followed text or image links and you will be fine.)

  • NO (Rel="nofollow")
    We link back to your site in a manner that pass's PR, do the same with your links to us.

  • NO signing up for categories your site does not belong to.
    If you add your site to a category your site does not belong in you risk being banned.

  • What about Google PR?
    Our ranking script tracks visitors IN and Out without embedding characters in your URL. All PR is passed directly to the website you signed up with.


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